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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 JANUARY 3rd = Abah's B'day!

ACHNA do have a heart for her to confess.

~WELCOME 2010~

what a beautiful and nice day on 3rd january 2010. my family and i had gathered and celebrated our beloved abah's birthday. quite havoc but not really tht nice cuz the absence of abg tam n his family.
after took my lil sister, piju and kak long from their school, we went for lunch at sila o sila at kl [kilang lama] hahaha.. then straight away my bro drove the car headed to secret recipe.
we took about 15mins to decide wht cake to buy, then i chose chocolate indulgence cake.

yummy!!! ya allah, hanya tuhan saje tahu betapa enaknye cake tu.
after maghrib, abah went to hotel. my mum drove the car. he didn't knw tht we'r going to celebrate his bday.
i kept on calling him cuz we promised to celebrate it after maghrib but 15mins to 9pm only he arrived. heh!!!

when he stepped his foots to the melur cafe, we sang "Allah Selamatkan Kamu" song.
ngee~~ he quite shocked and terharu laa...
touching touching..

happy b'day abah! i love u! mmuahhxx...!

a lots of foods but i didnt have the chance to snap the pic cuz i was so xcited taking the pictures with my nieces,nephews,family n bla2. juz the cake's pic is with me.

lambat lagi bday aku. huwaa....

nevermind, let the pictures do the talks. im too tired to type
the memorable stories... ngee~~~

happy family!

mak, myself & abah

makcik zah, myself & abah.. nggee~~~~~
[dun ask]

meet nk upload pic da. byk sgt.
next time.
adios amigos.

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