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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Somewhere Around Tuah's Corner

It's been one week i guess i've been living here. what else should i say rather than yelling to people out there that


for god sake, i really like wanna cry. okay, this is true life guys. no mummy and dad, no siblings.. no known friends, unknown people yet to be your friends...
campus life, assignments, notes, tutorials, lectures anddd....... LECT/TUTORIALS CANCEL!!!

Damn, no updates in mmls, and when i go there.. sorry girls.. tutorial canceled.
Guys, do u not know that i was rushing, running and climbed the stairs for 4 levels within 5 mins and when i reached there i had my last breath at the level of my nose meaning that i'm totally out of breath..

okay... take a deep breath. i should updates my diary for today as for now i got silent readers.. stalkers who like to busy about myself and keep reporting among themselves,.. u sick, should get medications for yourselves.. sooooo sad!

okay.. woke up in the morning around 9am as i slept last nite around 1am, woow... now i sleep early la. the most late hours around 1am in the morning only then zzz...
okay continue...
after woke up, took my bath prepare myself to class while waiting for a friend, ATASHA cuz she walked along from UV then stopped in front of my house then we go together.

then class start at 10am until 12pm. then we straight away go and buy cool blog! yeah... cool blog is in our campus within 2 days only, we bought the same drinks then went to finance dept. to manage our MUET registration. unfortunately, i wrongly filled my form, nevermind, we think about it soon. then when we go to the ERU, it closed! so tomorrow, we'll go again. and yeah, we did buy alpha english 1 book cost around rm30. okay, affordable darla..

and again during the class just now, someone did notify us that the timetable had changed and we got class around 2pm to 4pm, any words? DAMN! yeah, we stay in campus by went to one of the cafe in the campus.
for god sake, have u ever tried nasi goreng ikan masin that soo spicy.. as i notified before, nasi goreng ikan masin is not spicy at all and we just eat half of the plate each.. what a waste and during the 2nd class which is General Principles of Law was conducted by Mdm Aiza, Atasha had stomachache. pity her but i can't do anything cuz my stomach can withstand the spicy but not for her at all.

next time if i wanna go din's cafe again, nasi goreng ikan masin for one plate only and no spicy at all please...

then finish for the 2nd class, divides people to 8 groups consist of 16-17 persons for the assignment that need to submit before... when ahh? owh.. 9th july 2010 before 12pm.

Guys, can u imagine group discussion within 16 people in the group?
i even don't know what to discuss for that much people...

yayayaya... about the english class which mean the 1st class for today, we got a little homework should i say?
finished! while waiting for nasi goreng ikan masin..

went back home... not much things i did, took my medications and sleep until 9pm, woke up and my housemates invited me to eat nasi. walaweyy! thanks guys!
then.... washed my clothes and sidai already... now here i am.. on the bed. after have a long conversation with my mum, my beloved bb, and i need to sleep now.

gudnite everyone. i can sleep longer cuz i have class at 1pm tomorrow. lalala...

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