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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As Weather Change Randomly, People Do So...

As time goes by, I think I manage to get through the days though obstacles I had passed. But then... people people people change change change !!! Yeah.. I hurt a lot this week.. I don't know why, I get used  too close to her but then she changed a lot within less than a week, 7 days..

Hey people. Just voice out as you said you were the kind of people like to voice out in front of the person that you're not satisfy with...

Be yourself... as you said, just act it.

i fuck this kind of attitude.

again, fight for the right.

is there any differences with the 'rebuild' and 'new build'?
or it is the same?

I'm Nurul, reporting from the Zaaba Lab with sleepy & sticky eyes TTTT_______TTTTT

Thank you. (^_^)

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