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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tak Payah Nak Explain Panjang - Panjang

To be exact, I'm not like you who likes to say someone's name in blog. So better hint just do the job.
It's not about during we were in childhood time, i'm your protector, i'm your saviour, but when I'm grown up right now i'm backing my bf all the time, no u were wrong. 

I don't need to tell everyone that I fought with my bf in terms of backing yourself. I don't like to share it to everyone, just myself know it should be enough people.

The things I like to post on your wall because I like to usik mengusik u, bukan I nak jatuhkan air muka u. But if u think vice versa, then I don't have right to stop it.


Don't ask me why because you didn't like mine too. I have several reasons for yours. So u better don't ask it or else u yang makan dalam for those several reasons. If u don't like me anymore, I won't stop u. U choose yourself.

By the way, I'm not depending at u all the time and I sounds so mean but you pick it. This is me. I accept u but you know me right? Aku tak suka budak bajet hot or budak poyo. So sorry. tambah- tambah yg dok guna bahasa iteww cayang conok what so ever. perosak bahasa. geli tekak bila dengar.

because you're a stubborn person susah nak dinasihat, I don't have words to say more. Live your life.

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