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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is my sister's birthday and she's turning sixteen years old. Wah...  Kopak cabana la aku macam nie.

Why? Cause she might request gift from me. Should I give her though SHE IS A STUBBORN GIRL? 
Hope that by turning sixteen, she could make changes on herself plus her attitude.
We're going out tonite, to Pen Mutiara which is Kari Kepala Ikan Best Restaurant in Penang. You should come over there, I'll upload the pics in the next entry.

this pink colour dedicated to my sister cause she's a pink maniac! HAIYOO!!! IT'S FREAKING MY EYES!

By the way, I'm having flu and cough right now. Haiyoo!!! I got sore throat, and phlegm every time. My voice turns to monster voice, SHREK MIGHT BE? ahahaha...

I had bad sleep too due to the sickness I'm having right now.

SO, bye. Finish.

P/S: what kind of medicines should I try to get well soon? ICE-CREAM!!!! ahahaha.

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